Sometimes What We Expected Did Not Go According To What We Plan It to be Like…

         I was just thinking of what I could have been if I were to be working back in Singapore. Together would already be living with my family and all my lovely friends! I don’t know….seriously have no idea but I am not not regretted but…somehow what am I feeling or thinking???

I’m confused! I’m lost! I’m…I’mm….just not feeling like being myself right now…….!!!!

What is happening? This is what I am thinking to myself! However, I know that I need to carry on! What I had lost or neglected I will be able to find them again one day…All my visions are to graduate from PYU university and quickly get back to companies that are still waiting for me! Both in Thailand and Singapore.

I am blessed to be able to have such an opportunities to get to do varieties of things such as programmings, sound medias, websites decorating, musics, sports, martial arts and as well as restaurant’s kitchen chef! I’ve been helping and done all these jobs for my past life! Hopefully my last job was to operate a clothing design machines and programs where I still looking forwards to do as the bosses still asking always of when I am going to go and help them again! ” I will be there to help soon! “, this is what I could say for now…

Things are not that easy to get through, I believe. Everything has to be determined and put all our hard works to work towards it! I have little time left to spend my young adult hood and will soon have to be a fully adult to work and work and work againnn…workkkk to have a life partner and be able to take good care of them all…

Let’s put our GOAL as working towards success and live our life as THE BEST PERSON for everyone ^^~


I’m not sure what I am talking bout though….LOL!!!

That’s it! Nothing to say…Don’t know what to say!
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