Light or Dark / Good or Evil

The heat from the SUN was so hot, the RAIN then stopped the heat that hot to breeze of coolness…

Heats today was crazy… was a very hot hot hot daylight today.
until it was about 5pm, the sky began to get dark and darker! 
I knew that it would rain! And it does!
Thunder roared, lightning came and the rain started showering!!!
I was just about to finished my warming up, and the coolness of the strong breezes made me feel too cool again!!! WHAT THEEE???
So, I just started training under the heavy rains! Slippy for sure and I almost felt!!!

Thanks to the rain that made my day…errr GOOD indeed!!!

Really, sometimes it’s good, often it’s badd….
Everything has to be changed. Good or bad it has to be changed. Towards people and others, I would also change myself, my characters, my personals, and my attitudes towards them. It according to how our relationships were/are. I am glad that today things are doing alright for me and my love ones. Hopefully, things would get better and better, just like what I have planned them to be…^^~

May God Bless you! Thank you!

reported byAOF OF OOF


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