December night! BBQ~

Hi Everyon3!
Here I am again POSTING event(s) for todY ^^~
Today my friends;
Ahbah, Billym Jom, Boss, Preaw, Best, Jom, Ohm (House owner), Mint, Emz, Nice and Earth ^^~
 We had fun chatting, eating, BBQ and more at Ohm’s plaCe!

Let’s see what is there today n night…

Ahba and me arrived at Ohm’s house (BBQ Location) around 345pm
While Ohm, Best and Emz went to look and get a location for our
next event, Camping during Winter!
They arrived around 535pm after getting a place for the camp!

All of us, Ahba, Best, Emz, Ohm and me then went to MAKRO,
big Multi-purposes Shopping Mall around PAYAP University (our uni)
We bought many RAW FOOD, DRINKS and SNACKS!!!
 Then we got baCk together with Billy, Boss and Preaw who went to look for us to shop XD
VDO of the DAY & NIGHT!
(can only be seen at
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