pAYAO, Thailand…I miss my grandfather!

My  ROOM!!!
I miss my origin place, Prathatkingkang, Chun, Payao, Thailand!
The place I was born!
Only once a month or once every month that I would be able to visit my Home where
my grand parents are running our Motocycle, Bycicle Services & Petro station there! 

The Room that I sleep in and OLD MEMMORIES linger!!! ^^!
My little brother, Mos Chakrit Thong-Ek and my parents!
After we got a chance to spend our time during our vacation(s)!

Things got older but we’ve been a NEWER PERSON each and everyday!

I was there alone, hahahaX
My parents SKYPE me daily, and always talks about me going to drink
and accompanied them to their Companies Events!

Drinking is juz a part of little life but not without my love ones!
I will walk on and fight through everything to get what my parents expected.
I am allowed to go on towards my own passion although they wanted me to follow their paths.

I am glad to be ur child! N to my little brother and friends! (BROTHERS & SISTERS!)
Thx u ^^

Go On!!!

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