16 Aug 2011 " Reality of Hopes & Intensions "

Reality of Hopes & Intensions
I woke up early today and prepared myself early once again ^^
First Class was A.J. Jordan’s Class Accounting!

We did som3 reality Business Accountancy today!

Let’s Have a Look at them XD

Look at how DEAD we all wer3 XD

Working hard on sharing n helping as a team!

Farm, as some “WHAT!” department! DID NOTHING!!!

This is the ACCOUNTANTS department members!
Including m3!!! XD


Debts of “FEW 10+ Millions”
(- -“)

Got the marks from BasiC Math!

My Br3akFasT!!!

A Porridge ^^

After that I got Farm & Big-M to send m3 to Jing Jai Market for a business!

( JJ Market)

N we met! This car! At first he passed us then he PARKED it!

Looks Gd ^^

This is a rough kind of look of a car that I like!
But mine gonna be niC3r though XD
After Classes today I went to do my interview with Farm, year 2 student
of Payap University of Chiangmai, Thailand.

Let’s see what I ask! And hear his answerS!

That’s All for today!
Thx for staying with m3!
Gd Nit3 XD

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