15 August 2011 The Day Without Nothingness ^^

Without Nothingness
Today is yet anoth3r Day of waking up early.
I wok3 uP @ 7am, washed uP, and shower and was aboUt to iRon my Uniform
then the rain POURED doWn heavily!!!
I felt so dread then (- -“)!
After I broUght Bugs & Lizz insid3, I continu3d my ironing!

It was SUPER Drench out there (- -“)!
I was WONDERIN3 how I gonna driv3 frm my plaC3 to Payap Uni
However, I can hahahaahX!!!
I was soooOOOO slpy in classes today 😄
Let’s get to the FUN & EXCIT3D activities today ^^
After My very Firs3 cLASS  toDay we went out to Makro Shopping Centre 😄
We walked in and went all around the Centre to look fo3 things we need 😄
Angellina, Alathia, Big-M, and Dome left m3 behinD to find their SNACKS 😄
I Followed behin3 n took a piCs fo3 my StoRY 😄

To the Left, To the Right! That’s wher3 they went (- -”)!!!
Makro went Black Out for few Minutes and everybody in it was sCreaMing
and som3 keep calm.
And so, finally we brought a few snaCks n it rained. We went baCk juz in time fo3 the next cla33 😄
Then I went out for a Relaxing dinner n CAM3 BACK to write down my Journal
fo3 today ^^

Thx for a niC3 n Swe3tz Moments!

you know who you are

^ ^

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